Martin Nievera and Angie del Rosario

Showbiz writers got a close look at Martin Nievera’s long-time girlfriend Angie Del Rosario at Solaire Resort last July 6 when the Concert King proudly posed with her for a photo after a press conference.

Martin described his pretty lady love as “very patient and so behind the scenes,” that’s why they have a “great relationship.”

It will be recalled that Martin only admitted they were on during the pandemic, even though he and Angie have been together for close to 14 years.

“I’ve been lying about her for so long because I want to protect her from my world – the many questions, the expectations,” he mused. 

Martin had a very high-profile relationship with his first wife Pops Fernandez and Katrina Ojeda who is now engaged to another artist. 

Martin said she and 44-year-old Angie started out as good friends because they were neighbors. She is said to be connected to Brunei royalty.

The veteran singer, who celebrated his 40th year in showbiz last July 5, said the level-headed Angie will be the “last woman” in his life and would like to get married to her eventually because “she deserves it.”

He admitted that there’s a part of him that’s very scared because he “screwed up” his first marriage with Pops.

“Ï haven’t popped the question (to Angie.) It’s because I lasted longer with her, without the ring, than with Pops – with the ring. I don’t wanna mess up this one with a ring again, But she can propose to me if she wants to,” he quipped.

Martin said there’s no pressure to get married from Angie, who has older kids as well from a previous relationship.

He revealed that all the women in his life are friends, and they even spent the last holidays together with the three Nievera sons – Ram, Robin and Santino.

Martin noted that other people might find the set-up weird, “but it’s very doable. It’s all for the kids.” 

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