Filipino singer Paolo Sandejas is on cloud nine after Grammy-nominated K-pop group BTS member V played and sang along to his song in his vlog. 

V uploaded his “Ride Vlog” on BTS’ BangtanTV YouTube channel on July 9 and one of the songs he played was Sandejas’ “Sorry.” 

In the video, V took a road trip from Seoul to Yangpyeong County in Gyeonggi Province, which is about 45 km from Seoul. 

Filipino singer Paolo Sandejas (left) still can’t believe that BTS’ V (right) played and sang along to his song (screenshots from Sandejas and V’s videos on Tiktok and YouTube)
BTS’ V’s “Ride Vlog”

When he started the ride, V played several songs with the caption “going to play all of my recent favorite songs.”

One of them was Sandejas’ “Sorry,” a song released under Universal Records Philippines in 2020. V also sang along as “Sorry” played in the car. 

Sandejas is still ecstatic that V chose his song in the vlog. 

“I have no words. V just sang along to a song I wrote! Im a singer songwriter from the Philippines, and idkwtf i did to deserve this blessing,” he posted on Instagram. 

He added, “V If you ever see this, you’re amazing man! And thank you ARMY for being so kind to me and my music  #bts #armybts #taehyung #opm.”

In a video he uploaded on TikTok and Instagram, Sandejas talked about the wonderful experience. 

“So V from BTS just listened to my song. I don’t think anyone would ever believe me if I told them that V was singing along to a song that I wrote and he is just vibing. Like what the heck and singing it so well. It’s on his driving playlist,” said Sandejas. 

V’s “Ride Vlog” has garnered 9.85 million views and 1.7 million likes as of this writing since its upload on July 9. 

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