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Now that Coco Martin has officially announced the end of the longest-running teleserye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano” in a few weeks, an unexpected tribute for the late movie queen Susan Roces will be interwoven in the dramatic scenes of Coco’s character during its concluding episode.

Our source said that in the last week of the series’ airing, the audience will witness how Cardo Dalisay will come home looking for and missing his Lola Flora, the character played by Susan from the start of the series until her death recently.

This scene will signal how the character of Susan Roces comes full circle in “Ang Probinsiyano” and how deeply she bonded with Coco and the rest of the cast in the series. She was there in the beginning of the serye in 2015 and it is only fitting to have her in its conclusion in 2022.

Our source said it was Coco’s idea to have this tribute for his Tita Swannie and their truly beautiful relationship that bloomed in the course of the seven years they shared on the set.

He just couldn’t end this saga without the memories of Susan’s great contribution to the show that defied not just the pandemic but even the closure of its original network ABS-CBN on free TV.

For sure, not many eyes will be dry when they watch this highlight.

Cesar Montano

Cesar’s 60th birthday movie is ‘Maid in Malacanang’

Before his latest and most controversial movie “Maid in Malacanang” hits the theaters on Aug. 3, Cesar Montano first celebrates his 60th birthday on Aug. 1.

He considers this Viva Film release his birthday movie milestone. “This is my birthday movie,” he says while contemplating on the twin milestones of his life in 2022 – entering his senior year and being able to portray another groundbreaking role in his career, that of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

While everyone swears Cesar doesn’t seem to age a day, the actor remains as youthful and good-looking as ever, at 60. “I feel young,” he said. “Maybe that is because I really take care of my health, my body. I exercise a lot, I eat right, I get lots of sleep, I don’t really drink. Chill lang. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I do pray a lot. Somehow, turning 60 doesn’t really seem so bad. It is just a number,” he tells us.

“Maid in Malacanang” is written and directed by Darryl Yap and tackles the last 72 hours of the Marcos family in Malacanang before they fled to the US in that momentous day in 1986, the same day that catapulted the country the world over for a bloodless, peaceful People Power Revolution.

The filmmakers behind “Maid in Malacanang” emphasize that this movie is an attempt to tell the story from “the other side of the fence” and straight from the sources who were there and are actual witnesses of the event as they unfolded.

Cesar said that in portraying the role of former Pres. FEM, he employed the same method acting techniques he learned and applied in the most challenging roles in his career.

“I lived and breathed President Marcos in the few days I had left prior to shooting. Medyo mabilisan kasi itong movie na ito. Whereas I had months to prepare for my role in ‘Rizal, Muro Ami or The Great Raid,’ I only had a week or less to prepare for FEM in ‘Maid in Malacanang.’”

The other reason why Buboy cherishes this film project a lot is because this is his first-time ever to appear in a feature film with his son Diego Loyzaga, to whom he feels very proud of. “Perfect ang timing ng movie na ito para sa amin ni Diego. We are both raring to work to together already. At that time it was offered to me by Boss Vic, I really wanted to work with him kasi maraming nagsasabi sa akin magaling na actor nga daw ang anak ko. And I saw that first hand in this film. Magaling talaga. Ang daling umiyak, parang gripo ang luha. Babaeng Judy Ann Santos yata ito e. I am really impressed with him,” he said.

Suffice it to say that Buboy already has a film in mind for him and Diego to co-star in the near future. “Abangan ninyo,” he promised.


Screengrab from ‘Dos Por Dos’ radio progam on DzRH

‘Dos Por Dos’ duo of Anthony and Gerry will soon transfer to AMBS

We heard that broadcasters Anthony Taberna and his partner Gerry Baja now belong to the first batch of contract talents of the Villar-owned Advanced Media Broadcasting Systems (AMBS) network.

According to our source, the public can expect the well-loved “Dos Por Dos” duo to be among those to be launched come October.

It will be remembered that Anthony and Gerry gained popularity on DZMM where their show aired for 20 years. Unfortunately, they had to bow out of the airwaves in 2020 as one of the many casualties of the franchise fiasco involving the ABS-CBN network.

The duo later transferred to DZRH on the same year where the same show is heard on weekdays at 5 p.m.

Taberna on the other hand is also active on Youtube. Let us wait and see whether the radio program will be affected once “Dos Por Dos” starts airing on AMBS Channel 2 soon.


This actress denies rumors of her alleged pregnancy at every turn, the last one even to the extent of saying she tested positive for COVID and not with her pregnancy test. The only problem is that people close to her denies her claims when asked, saying she did really test positive not for COVID but for a baby in her womb. Life goes on for her, they say, because she still does all the scenes in her new movie with vigor and vitality, no matter how physically taxing some of them are.

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