Composite photo BOIZ Will Be BOIZ, Nicole Joslin, Magnus Haven, official Maria Clara single art; Wilbert Ross from his official FB; Keneniah from his official FB; and John Roa official single art

Modern day pop music is for the young, so it’s no surprise that boybands (and girl groups) are cropping up. Some will stick, others won’t. But showing promise is debuting Ppop group BOIZ Will Be BOIZ.

The group is Ethan David, siblings BJ and Gas (Georcelle Dapat Sy’s sons), Jonric Reyna and Rey Cariaso who dives into the world of pop with a mid-tempo groover in “I Wanna Know.” R&B-inflected, this song is written by Jin Chan and produced by NEXXFRIDAY of WAYBETTR music. Young, colorful, sings great and dances even better, Gen Z popper will love BOIZ Will Be BOIZ.

“Natagpuan” is a song from John Roa. This mid-tempo ballad sees John return to his R&B roots and borrows its vibe mainly from the 90’s. Think Boyz II Men. “Natagpuan” is basically the singer’s proposal to his now fiancée Raina. John surprised everyone at the mv premiere of “Natagpuan” (just this weekend) when he popped the question for everyone to see. Lucky guy got a ’yes.’  “Natagpuan” and produced, arranged and recorded by John and Kem Alia.

Keneniah is a young, talented songsmith, arranger and producer with a knack for nice melodies. And he proves just that on “Bahala Na,” an 80’s throwback that sounds like early Gary V., if the latter ever tried alt-synth pop. Keneniah’s music is infectious that’s why he’s a current fave and it’s only a matter of time before he hits it big. In the meantime, we enjoy his pre-fame sound that simply oozes with flair.

Wilbert Ross wasn’t kidding when he said that he’s serious about his own music. And now he’s here with a new song titled “Langga” which is a direct Visayan translation of words “My Love.” Wilbert shared that initially the song was called ‘Mahal’ but decided it should be called “Langga” instead because it rolled off the tongue easily and the result is this pleasant ditty.

Sweet-sounding and acoustic guitar-driven “Mamahalin” is a new tune from Nicole Joslin. Listeners are transported into a rustic, pin-light illuminated world upon listening to Nicole Joslin’s lilting vocals that almost feels like a warming hearth at the homestead as she sings about keeping the flame of a love alive.

Ally Remulla’s song titled “Sigurado” is a hypnotic ballad about the eternal “battle of the head and heart.” The singer ponders about the whole process of figuring out one’s feelings towards someone and the conundrum of how scary it can be to allow ourselves to be loved. At least that’s how Ally explains this lilting new tune.

Magnus Haven is on a roll of sorts. After scoring with “Oh Jo” (that video that featured Zeinab Harake), Magnus Haven has a new track titled “Maria Clara.” The theme is self-explanatory: since the name epitomizes the ideal Filipina maiden, the dream is to find one and take one home to show to mom. And that’s what this alt-pop mid-tempo rocker is about. While “Maria Clara” is an archaic term, there’s nothing old about the sound and feel of this song. In fact, it’s the most kicking and modern thing to come from Magnus Haven in a long while. Catchy verses, and choruses with guitar solos to boot!

Speaking of guitars, there’s a lot of that to go around on Daybreak’s new song. Soft rock sounds and emotional sentiments are the order of the day for their latest single titled “nasayang lang…” The song is about how “blazing love eventually fades” and how such feelings leave a profound heartache. Also blazing are the guitar solos on this tightly produced power ballad.

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