Pipah Pancho (Facebook)

When we realize that we’re falling in love with someone, the way we see that person changes. It’s like seeing a caterpillar that has metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly. But it is not only the person who we have fallen in love with that has transformed before our very eyes, we also find ourselves undergoing a metamorphosis emotionally and mentally, which inspires us to see the world in a better perspective. 

Listeners can derive such an analysis from the song “Isa Kang Paruparo”, a new composition from Mash-up Princess, Pipah Pancho. Produced and distributed by Ivory Music & Video, the singer-songwriter stated that the song centers on the appreciation of life and the continuous changes that come with it. In particular, the song focuses on the change that love brings forth, like how we now look at someone who we begin to adore, transformed like a charming and wonderful butterfly; and we are also changed by that person, transforming us to live life with happiness and motivation. Thus, we are inspired to love that person even more and love ourselves even better. 

The message of her composition “Isa Kang Paruparo” which is about transformation is also evident in how Pipah is as a brilliant young artist who loves to embrace change. This is manifested through her talent in transforming local and international songs into beautiful mash-up covers which she started doing around the start of the pandemic. Her versatility led her to incorporate different genres such as R&B, country and soul in the arrangement of her mash-up cover songs. In just a couple of years, she garnered 1.5 million followers on TikTok and more than 290,000 YouTube subscribers. 

Even though she is now an acclaimed mash-up singing sensation as well as a promising talent of Ivory Music & Video, Pipah continues to evolve as an artist, becoming a songwriter as well. Her original compositions defy the conventional themes such as her debut single “Single Pa Rin”, a Valentine’s track not for lovers but for the singles, which she released under Ivory Music & Video this year. And now, her follow-up single, “Isa Kang Paruparo” also has an extraordinary theme, conveying that love transforms both the person who serves as the inspiration as well as the inspired person.

Asked about the steps she is taking to enhance her craft as a singer and songwriter, Pipah shared, “I frequently attend workshops in voice lessons as well as theater arts and I regularly practice singing to further improve as a singer. To become more productive as a songwriter, I try to compose songs as much as possible.” 

She adds, “I will continue with my college studies while I pursue my singing-songwriting career. Hopefully, I can write more compositions for my Ivory Music and Video family and do more mash-up cover songs as well as collaborations with other artists. To the Pipahnatics and CedyPips fan groups, and all my followers on my social media platforms, thank you so much for your untiring support!”

Change is an inevitable part of life and those who embrace it continue to grow. Pipah’s music career is always in a state of metamorphosis, which keeps her fans constantly anticipating her next exciting evolution as an artist. 

You can listen to “Isa Kang Paruparo” on all streaming platforms. For more information, visit Ivory Music & Video’s website. Subscribe to Pipah Pancho’s social media channels.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/08/12/be-transforned-with-pipah-panchos-latest-composition-isa-kang-paruparo/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=be-transforned-with-pipah-panchos-latest-composition-isa-kang-paruparo)