Create those great moments with Pizza Hut and SB19’s ‘Make It Great Pair Promo’

Now there are even more reasons for you to create great moments through good food and music!
Whether you’re an avid P-Pop fan or an ardent pizza aficionado, there’s a lot for you to love with Pizza
Hut’s “Make It Great Pair Promo” in partnership with the brand’s newest ambassadors, SB19!

Make It Great with two bold and flavorful pizzas for just P419! Get your groove on with 1 Regular New
Pan Pizza—available in Pizza Hut’s newest flavors Carbonara Supreme, BBQ Chicken Supreme, and Spicy
Pepperoni Lovers—and stay on beat with 1 Regular Hawaiian Panalo Pan Pizza!

Now is a great time to experience Pizza Hut’s newest offerings! Indulge in the creamy pizza-pasta fusion
of Carbonara Supreme, the smoky and charred flavors of BBQ Chicken Supreme, or the hot and zesty
Spicy Pepperoni Lovers if you want a little bit of kick. Whichever you pick, you’ll be sure to experience
Pizza Hut like never before!

With Pizza Hut’s Make It Great Pair Promo, you’ll be able to save P249 from the regular price of P668!
Get it together with your other favorites by visiting your nearest branch for dine-in and take-out orders.
You can also have it delivered straight to your doorstep by calling the 8-911-1111 hotline, by visiting, or with a few taps via Pizza Hut’s Mobile App, available for Android
( and iOS
( devices.

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