Beks Battalion

After watching the Beks Battalion at the New Frontier Theater recently, it’s safe to say that they are ready for a comedy concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. I expected a full house on their comedy concert but when the three comedians Chad Kinis, MC Muah and Lassy posted in their Instagram accounts that the tickets were all sold out, I had to see it for myself. It was true. The 2,385 tickets were sold out. Of course there were a few complimentary tickets for the big bosses of Viva that attended from the patriarch and founder of the Viva Group of Companies Boss Vic del Rosario to the Chief Executive Vincent del Rosario and all the siblings holding key positions in the same firm.

I wanted to pay for my tickets, but there were no more tickets left. I literally had to wait for an hour for a no show, two persons who probably got COVID and didn’t show up, so I could watch the comedy concert from the audience and not from the backstage.

Beks Battalion with special guest Vice Ganda

The attendance was a smashing success! Even Vice Ganda who was the last of the 11 guests to appear onstage told the comedy trio who asked the unkabogable phenomenal star to sing, “I don’t need to sing. These people came to see you and not me. I am so proud of the three of you.” He was correct. Everyone who watched was part of the 2,3560,000 subscribers of Beks Battalion on YouTube.

From left: Giselle Sanchez, Jenny Chan Tan, and Chad Kinis of Beks Battalion

Okay, let’s give credits for their guests that brought in probably 10-20 percent of the audience. After all, the beautiful Zeinab Harake does have a combined following of 50 million followers on all her platforms. Vice Ganda, Jelai Andres, and Budakhel (Bugoy Drilon, Daryl Ong, and Michael Pangilinan) have seven million followers of their own on YouTube, Bubuy Villar has almost two million on the same platform, and the other guests Katrina Velarde, Ate gay, Tonton Soriano and Divine Tetay have their own following as well. But watching in the audience, it was still the hilarious trio of Chad Kinis, MC Muah and Lassie that had the loudest applause and heartiest laughs, especially in the mid-production which was a parody of “Cell Block Tango” of the Broadway musical Chicago.

While Vice Ganda was particularly proud of MC Muah and Lassie since the two started as Vice Ganda’s front acts, I am particularly proud of Chad Kinis. The “Kilabot ng mga dermatologists” started as my court jester in my television show Karaokray. He would warm up the crowd and make them laugh before I came out. Instantly I saw the wit and talent of this comedian and I requested our director that he be one of my co-hosts on the next season of Karaokray. He said he couldn’t say yes as it was Viva who decides and all hosts should be Viva Stars. So I asked Viva Artists Agency Matriarch Veronique del Rosario to sign him up. At first, she refused because at that time Viva only accepted made stars. She said it would be difficult for her to build up Chad Kinis from scratch. I said: “Please trust my gut. This comedian is the wittiest I have ever encountered. He has talent and he has vision.” True enough because it was Chad Kinis that formed the Beks Battalion and convinced them to vlog. I cannot wait for the time I will be watching them at the MOA Arena. Perhaps I will join them this time around if they will permit me. Hahaha!

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