Every Filipino music lover knows the name, loves the songs, and definitely stays on the loop with anything and everything about Rico Blanco.  But what’s so amazing about this music genius, is how he has taken versatility on a different level with his colorful career over the years.  

Leaving a milestone in the local music scene with his legendary band Rivermaya, Rico continues to amaze OPM fans with his very own brand of music, with varying tastes and textures, but creates the same impact – always meaningful and relatable. But right now, more than the OPM rock legend that every Pinoy music fan has come to love, Rico is also known to many millennials as Bestfriend Korics. 

He continues to conquer the hearts of Filipinos in different generations not just with his music, but with his fun and witty social media influence.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tiktok, if you love entertainment, music, or you’re simply curious on making the most out of life, Rico is most definitely on your follow list.

But with music as his first love, the visionary in him continues to strike an impact in the OPM industry, this time, by managing artists that will contribute to the greatness of Pinoy music.  With his search for the next big star under his wings, Rico is on the look-out for talented Filipinos with that one distinct quality – passion.  Rico is a big believer on the power of passion, “Hindi mo ito mapepeke. Kahit hindi man talented, magiging talented din down the road kung passionate sila.“  Based from his own experience, passion has been a big factor in his success.  He adds, “ Yung hard work parang hindi nagiging hard work kapag passionate ka sa ginagawa mo.”  

For anyone who wants to follow his footsteps, Rico has this big advice for the hopefuls, “Great things are achieved with constant grind and dedication over time. If anyone can be great overnight then everyone would be great. Have patience. And also, while you’re at it – ENJOY! “  As the cliché goes, “Take it from the expert,” but coming from one of the greatest hitmakers in the world of OPM, this word of wisdom is definitely a tested and proven formula to success.

With all the hits that we enjoy today, we owe it to the passion that Rico generously pours into every masterpiece that he creates.  So this coming September 11, 2022, get a chance to witness the greatness of OPM rock once again, as Rico Blanco takes centerstage at the Big Dome on September 11, 2022 produced by KDR Music House. After years of being deprived from big musical festivities due to the global pandemic, OPM fans are now ready as ever to join this grand celebration of friendship, love, life and most of all, music – with the signature Rico Blanco mark. Visit KDR Music House social media accounts for updates.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/08/22/more-than-an-opm-rock-legend-theres-much-more-on-rico-blancos-plate/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=more-than-an-opm-rock-legend-theres-much-more-on-rico-blancos-plate)