By Carissa Alcantara

The 21-year-old singer and songwriter Silas is now ready to make his name in the Spotlight, after launching his debut single “Hauntingly” under Vicor Records last July 8.

A colorful performer to his core, his extrovert nature blooms even on the 80s pop rock imbued song. Produced and recorded by JP Verona of Ben & Ben fame. Upon the release of the music video, Silas talks about his experience of creating his first single way back in 2021.

“It was one night where I felt so nostalgic and reminiscing the whole night, and it was four am and I said let’s get this guitar and microphone, and I just wrote while I play it,” Silas shared

Silas also mentioned that he got the inspiration for his music video from the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World starring Micheal Cera and Chris Evans.

“With the music video, I always had this idea and fascination of making a movie. I don’t know guys if you’re familiar with Scott Pilgrim but this is one movie that inspired the visual and it’s very whacky,” he added.  

Having a mother who’s in a band, at a very young age, the singer gets a glimpse and idea of how music works.

“And I just a grew up in a very musical family, my mother was in a band, and she was touring like around japan, but I’ve never really had a family of creators or artists, they were mostly musicians who are telling other people’s story,” he mentioned.

Growing up with a family of performers, Silas started from appreciating music to fully creating on his own in the following years. According to him, music is something that comes out to him naturally.

“I think it may sound a little bit corny, but I think music is in me, I don’t just love music, I think it’s something that comes out in me naturally. And so whenever I write or create music, I can’t get a good song out of forcing it. It has to come out voluntarily,” he shared

From becoming an independent artist, the singer also shared how he started working for Vicor Records.

“It all started with an Instagram DM, and they told me that they are having a revamp and they wanted an artist who can jumpstart it and you know I love a good challenge,” he mentioned.

Sila’s upcoming music video for Hauntingly is directed by Mell Labrador, the singer will also be part of the music video, alongside Bianca Santos who is currently a member of a P-Pop Group LITZ 

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