The Juans – Alam Niya (cover art)

With a world revolving with anxieties, it is always a soothing break to listen to inspirational songs that lift up the spirit.  And as a big plus, listening to such a comforting song from your favorite band is a definite bonus. 

And so with their signature pop-rock flair, The Juans is set to conquer the hearts of their fans and music lovers alike as they launch their version of the inspirational song “Alam Niya”, composed by Kuya Daniel Razon. 

With heartfelt vocals accompanied by meaningful words of encouragement, The Juans is set to launch another sure-fire hit in the song “Alam Niya”, which sings to the heart of each person going through uncertainties and troubles in life.

Striking an impact straight to the core of every music lover, the song inspires its listeners to let go of anxieties and entrust all their worries in the mighty hand of God. 

Watch out for the launch of this soulful rendition of “Alam Niya” by The Juans in Spotify on Friday, Aug. 19, in collaboration with KDR Music House.

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