Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck join kids to lunch in Hollywood

Nothing extravagant. Just a simple get-together over lunch!

In a viral video, Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen having lunch with their children al fresco.

The video was posted by Hollywood Pipeline on YouTube on Thursday, Aug. 12.

It was captioned: “Ben Affleck and JLo take their kids Violet, 16, Emme,14, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 9 to lunch at Huckleberry in Los Angeles. The blended family was spotted dining outdoors at a communal table, weeks after enjoying a whirlwind European vacation.”

Fans were thrilled at the video. Some comments:

“Love this couple and their blended family, they all look so happy together, family it’s everything and Ben and JLo have their priorities correctly, that’s why I have faith this one will last, their love for each other shines right through because it’s real and love never fails, best wishes, love it’s the perfect Bond of union, and they have this kind of love.”

“I love seeing them as a blended family, l wish them to be very happy, they deserve it; blessings. Good job paparazzi.”

“The children are happy showing their mom and dad that are in love and happy when they are together, i hope and i pray that they last forever God will give u happiness, love and contentment to one another.”

“They look like a really beautiful, normal family. I wish I had a family like this.”

“I don’t draw “inspiration” from Hollywood wood usually, but Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez are one of my most favorite couples & I have the softest spot for them.”

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