Clockwise: ACEL official press photo, Suddenly Monday e-card, Asa by John Roa, Miss by Ezro e-card If You Only Knew e card by ACEL, Hook Up e card by ALLMO$T.

ACEL returns to what she does best as ALLMO$T and John Roa drop new singles mere weeks after their most recent releases.

We’ve always thought that ACEL (a.k.a. Acel Bisa Van Ommen, the original lead singer for Moonstar 88) never puts out enough new music. The fact that ACEL is one of the most recognizable voices of alternative Pinoy pop of the early aughts, should be reason enough for her to put out as much music with her voice on it. And that’s exactly what ACEL has been doing of late. Just last week, ACEL dropped a new one titled “If You Only Knew.”

The acoustic guitar intro is an obvious nod to what we’ve been accustomed to hearing from ACEL. But as the main rhythm section kicks in, we’re treated to a mid-tempo indie pop song that’s as easy to take in, just like a sip of your favorite cuppa. Actually, that’s the vibe ACEL and producer Jun Gomez is aiming for. Akin to “an image of someone who is seated under a patio umbrella of a coffee shop.” Which is to say that “If You Only Knew” sounds easy like a Sunday morning. And while the theme tackles regret and the fear of losing a relationship over a misunderstanding, the overall vibe is one that uplifts. Or at least, makes one want to get up and try again (on that relationship). As for ACEL’s voice, it’s still the same honeyed sound we’ve heard from her all those years ago.

Hit rap quartet ALLMO$T have transcended their viral hit “Dalaga” and have since been a prolific music making machine. And just fresh from their ‘80s influenced “Larawan” they return with a brand-new track titled “Hook Up.” This R&B-flavored bop is much closer to the sonics that we’ve associated with Crakky, Russell, Clien & Jom which Pinoy pop and R&B fans are sure to embrace.

Right after his stint with 90’s R&B sounds in “Natagpuan,” John Roa returns to modern sounds in his new original song titled “Asa.” In this lo-fi tinged track, John sings over a mid-tempo groove in his native Cebuano. It’s what his core fans have been waiting for and in typical John Roa fashion, obliges in a big way.

Suddenly Monday is a five-piece alternative pop rock band composed of guitarist-vocalist Yusai Manansala, keyboardist-singer Jorge Valeros, guitarist Mark Fuentes, bassist Ivan Zape and drummer Adrian Venida. They’ve just released a new single titled “Bago Ka Umuwi” and we like what we’re hearing. Specifically, the ear-catching synth-pop vibe that the band is exuding on their excellent new song. According to the band’s press, “Bago Ka Umuwi” is “a song that portrays a kind of love that is hard to get,” adding that there are times “you just can’t persuade someone to reciprocate the affection you crave.” Suddenly Monday is a relatively new band with a handful of singles to their credit so far. Checking out their previous releases, we can hear that their sound is still evolving. They should take everything that is good on “Bago Ka Umuwi” and go from there. Because they’re onto something here.

“Miss” is the bouncy and playful sounding new bop from Blacksheep Records Manila rap artist Ezro. The rapper who scored a fan-fave hit in “D.G.S.” (‘Di Gwapo Song’)” returns with an ear-tweaking new track about the age-old theme of love-at-first-sight and love-conquering-all. Ezro dedicates said track to his lovely wife Kira, who is also featured on this song.

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