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Actor Piolo Pascual has cited the importance of being humble and having good values.

“I want to say to my Catholic upbringing and being a Christian and offering everything to the Lord, the way my mom raised us I want her to be proud of me the fact that we are in a pre-dominantly Catholic country, it’s important for us to be humble and to keep our faith intact,” said Pascual, when asked about being humble despite the success and triumphs in his career, during the renewal of his endorsement for Beautederms Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste recently.

Beautéderm’s President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan said she is thrilled to have Pascual on-board the fabulous Beautéderm family for the third straight year. “Who doesn’t love Piolo? No one could every argue that he is the ultimate hunk and one of the industry’s top leading men,” says Anicoche-Tan.

“But beyond all the pomp of his showbiz persona is a hard-working man who creates a positive difference in this world through his professionalism, humility, and the goodness of his heart. It is truly our pleasure to have Piolo with us in our Beautéderm family.”


NET25 has been relentless in launching new shows with excellent content, quality production, and Filipino values. A recent addition to its growing family is the Sotto Family with their show, Love Bosleng, and Tali. Veteran host and comedian, Vic Sotto and his wife, Pauline Luna, and daughter Tali will make your Sunday more fun. 

Each week, the Sotto family helps out a letter sender needing advice on how to navigate through life’s ups and downs. Each episode talks about topics closest to the Filipino family’s heart: family, love life, survival, career, and friendship among others. The three Sottos dish out hilarious yet sound and meaningful life lessons to different letter senders each week.


Filipino animators take centerstage in streaming platforms with the modern take of Pinoy mythical characters like Maria Makiling, Osyana and Bernardo Carpio from Epik Studios spearheaded by genius director Paul Basinillo.

“Were proud of this project because it represents Filipinos Culture. And it celebrates local legends a.d folklore like pit first season for Maria Makiling.

Overall very happy w the results. It was a challenge to do this because we did everything during the pandemic. It took us a year and a Half to finish the series.” he said.

The project is narrated by Nojoe Pascua and voiced by Riza Cenon. It will be followed by Season 2 which will focus on the sea legend in Osyana this time narrated by Jerard Napoles and voiced by Kylie Verzosa.

“We’re very excited to create our very own Epik Universe. These are all created by Local artists, writers amd animators who worked tirelessly to make this project happen,” Direk Paul added


Congratulations to Z-Pat Sports Bar and Grill located at 1025 Maria Orosa cor TM Kalaw Ermita Manila and its owners Valerie and Jhet Chavez. The recent opening was attended by Billiard legends Efren “Magician” Reyes and Francisco “Diango” Bustamante.

Valerie said in an interview that she has been thinking of a decade anniversary present for Jhet, considering his passion for billiards and his dream of having a sports bar, so Z-Pat was built not only as a 10th year present for Jhet but the inspiration and a dream business from a passion they both now share as a couple.

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