Janella Salvador and son Jude (Facebook)

Actress Janella Salvador has confirmed she’s now a single mother who’s focused on her son Jude.

Asked about the challenges in her life, Janella answered: “Being a single mom! Talagang nilalaban ko yun. At the end of the day, alam ko na kaya ko naman siya. I love the people around who help me, but I always want to think na kaya kong gawin.”

Janella, 24, who’s currently portraying the role of Valentina in the hit series “Darna,” made the revelation about being a single mom in the vlog of broadcaster Bernadette Sembrano on Sept. 3.

“I don’t want to sound bad pero I can rely on myself. Hindi ko kailangan humingi ng tulong sa iba. I like being independent. Siguro kasi I saw my while growing up kung paano sya. She was able to raise us on her own. Na-embody ko rin kung paano siya. I wanted to be independent as well,” she said.

Janella said that her son is growing up fast. “Nagsasalita na s’ya. Now he memorizes the alphabets hanggang letter z.”

Being a mom, she said, is one of the best things that happened to her.

“It’s the best thing that ever happened to me because I’m learning so much. It brings me back to being a baby again, to being a kid so parang I have more patience, empathy, and understanding.

“The moment he came out, the moment I looked at him for the first time, sabi ko I’m gonna protect this boy for the rest of my life. Parang yun na ang naging mission ko. It’s not that I don’t love myself. It’s more of siya na talaga,” she added.

Janella describes herself as a strong person. “They say that I’m the bravest person they know. I feel like I’m constantly evolving. As people, we constantly change and evolve. We should embrace it.”

Baby Jude and his father Markus Paterson on Christmas 2021 (Facebook)

Aside from acting, Janella said that she’s going to release a new music soon. “Hopefully I get to work on it.”

Janella was in a relationship with Filipino-British actor Markus Paterson. She gave birth to Jude on Oct. 20, 2020.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/09/04/janella-salvador-confirms-shes-now-a-single-mom-i-can-rely-on-myself/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=janella-salvador-confirms-shes-now-a-single-mom-i-can-rely-on-myself)