Amidst the jam-packed calendar of events in Singapore this September, the exquisite Capitol Theatre brimmed with the exuberance of fans eagerly anticipating their beloved artists to grace the stage. The 1,500 strong crowd were treated to an unparalleled experience, showcasing the enormity of sounds which the eclectic lineup had to offer. Ranging from YUNGBLUD’s enthralling brand of rock to Violette’s signature ethereal pop. The five artists from around the globe and Southeast Asia raised the roof to an even higher decibel.

Headliner YUNGBLUD exclaims, “I thought the F1 race was this weekend but the screaming fans were louder than any engine that will be on the racetrack. Who would have predicted that an iconic concert hall in Singapore would be able to witness a mosh pit and this is one for the history books. Singaporeans are crazy and full of energy!”

Zack Tabudlo

YUNGBLUD and his band powered through his 45-min set with a crescendo of energy which never seemed to dissipate. While fans rocked out to timeless crowd favourites such as “parents” and “fleabag”, new hits from his latest self-titled album “YUNGBLUD” saw “Tissues” and “The Funeral” stood out and hit high notes amongst the audience. His fans, more affectionately known as the Black Hearts Club, echoed an accented chorus of overflowing catchy pop enthusiasm while carrying the energy of rock on YUNGBLUD’s shimmying shoulders.

Violette Wautier

On the other end of the spectrum, Music Is Universal’s opener HAYD eased the crowd in with a much softer, heartfelt affair. HAYD’s confessional lyricism was on full display for “Head In The Clouds”, as the viral hit opened the floodgates of emotions from the audience. HAYD could not contain his incredulity and zeal as he revealed that aside to Singapore, he will also be making pit-stops in Vietnam, Philippines & Thailand. We were taken down memory lane as he reminisced the days when he produced music in his bedroom, to now engaging with fans continents away.


HAYD says, “Sometimes, sad sounds can be the perfect fire starter to evoke intense emotions within you at a festival setting. Personally, I have always found it assuaging that my music threaded through social media to offer fans an emotional blanket. However, after seeing the crowd humming along sadly but harmoniously to the songs in a live setting, it turned my eyes red and puffy instead.”


As the wave of melancholy tided over, lullaboy’s natural charm saturated the air with love and serenity to get the crowd ascending into an emotional bliss with his latest single, “Shortcut to Heaven”. lullaboy’s everflowing charisma captivated the audience throughout, with his lush and expansive discography, where hits such as “someone like u” and “personal” made him cupid by sending everyone into a safe haven to experience the aural beauty of love.


lullaboy says, “It’s amazing to see couples waltzing from one song to another, and it felt like I was watching multiple fairy tales from stage. Sometimes all you need is someone to be around you to be able to experience romance’s fleeting wonders in the air.”

Smoke and glitters took over next and manifested into a surround sound spectacle when dream pop extraordinaire Violette Wautier beguiled the audience with her sublime and airy vocals with “I’d Do It Again” and “Brassac”. Violette truly let the audience in with her music and imbued the theatre with her charm as she revealed her hidden talent of imitating bird noises. It was certainly uncanny!

(Photos by Aidil Yusof)

Violette Wautier says,“The Capitol Theatre is a huge venue but it felt extremely intimate at the same time. I could feel everyone’s warm gaze as the show went on and the night could have gone on forever.”

All eyes were also on Philippines artist Zack Tabudlo. Throngs of Zackified fans lined up in unwavering anticipation, spotted with hand-made signs trying to swat the attention of the chart-topping sensation. Zack Tabudlo became an instant phenomenon as he crooned out ”Binibini” and viral ballad “Give Me Your Forever”, with both day-one and new fans alike reciprocating the iconic lyrics back with unadulterated emotion. Zack also welcomed on stage Malaysian rapper Yonnyboii mid-set for a surprise performance of their unreleased collaborative single “First and Last”.

“It felt surreal to see fans in Singapore singing along to the songs that are so close to my heart. I learned this term recently that Singapore is quite rojak, and they love to mix all things beautiful for their food. I guess the same can be said about the music tonight too – as we saw how five artists from five different countries sang in many different languages but the energy from the crowd to everyone was immense and beautiful. Singapore feels like home now and I can’t wait to return again.”

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