Denin Sy

Denin Sy is a Filipino-Chinese musical artist who is known for the witty lines and catchy titles of the songs he composes himself. During the long lockdown, he gave people a lot of laughs when he made a parody of the Bioman theme song which earned over a million views on Facebook. There are many other funny parodies if you check out his Youtube channel.

But for his latest single “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw” released and produced by Delta Records, Denin turns into a lovestruck male who can’t seem to understand if the intensity of his feelings for someone is caused by love, or coffee, or both.

“Sasabog na ang puso ko sa iyo, alam na ang dahilan wooh. Minsan sobrang kape, minsan ikaw.”

The analogy makes sense actually. When one experiences palpitations, it can either be from the adrenaline rush of love or from having too much coffee, if the individual is a caffeine addict. Denin knows where he speaks because he’s an avid coffee drinker and it just took him a few minutes to write the song.

“I was drinking a cup of coffee in my car while parked. I suddenly had an idea to make a song about my coffee moment. When I got home, I picked up my guitar and turned on the audio recorder. A few tweaking of the lyrics and the song was finished,” he revealed.

He pointed out that “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw” shows people another way to approach love. Sometimes we’re too shy to express our real feelings for someone so we have to say it through an indirect way, such as an analogy.

“I also wanted to create a song that had a unique title and concept, something which people can easily sing to and relate to,” he added.

Being relatable is certainly Denin’s forte. Earlier this year, he composed and released “Pasensya Ka Na God Bless” which was inspired by a meme and received massive radio airplay.

Judging from his compositions, one can see that Denin is a natural and his passion for his craft always shines through in his musical pieces. Some people don’t know that he is a practicing architect but deep inside he will always be a musician.

Denin knew that he wanted to be a musician when he was a teenager and got an early start by being the school drummer. He kept busy with gigs while he was in college. He also remembers taking the architecture board exams immediately after graduation so he could get a license and a decent job with the end in view of financing his recording career. His first album “Deninman Songs” was released in 2010 under Synergy Music and Star Records.

The year 2021 saw him working on an eight track album containing the flagship single “Sabi Mo Usap Lang.” Overall, the long pandemic saw Denin at his prolific best as he made a lot of vlogs and parodies to entertain people staying at home and give laughter to the frontliners.

He’s also done several commercial jingles. Right now, he wishes for his music to gain more traction so that they can be discovered and be made as original sound tracks for the movies.

“Am very lucky to have my job and my music, two things which I love. Someone once told me to make your passion your profession. Not everyone is given this chance. I do believe that if you love what you do, it’s hard to look old because you always exude happiness,” Denin noted.

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