Vietnamese-American artist and school teacher Monét Ngo is set to release his new EP ‘After School Club’, which expresses a deep and heartfelt meaning about his own coming of age story, reminiscing about always feeling like a “loser” and being stuck on the sidelines.

The track uses hyperpop influenced production such as vocal pitching, distortion and electronic synthesis which combines with alternative rock style chords and drum beats. It’s a unique blend of multiple genres of music that stand out, able to express feeling and emotion through a unique style and approach.

Bleachers is an underdog tale about Monét rising to the occasion and finally getting a chance to be in the spotlight.

Creating his TikTok account a few months ago, Monét Ngo has garnered more than 1,4 million  likes and over 35k followers, where he posts daily about himself and his music. Since the release of his debut ‘Lonestar’ in April 2022, Monét Ngo has gained over 183,000 monthly listeners, with over 2million plays across his three current releases.

Released via Unity Records, the new EP is a mixture of emotion fueled by a raw 2000’s indie-rock style blended with elements of hyperpop. Kicking the EP off with ‘Summer Wind’, a mellow track of guitar bends, grunge-like chords that’s coated with distant reverbs.

Each track holds a large and powerful sound, and all work together to bring you a taste of heartfelt experiences that Monét Ngo has experienced.

On ‘Real Ass Love Story’, you can hear breakdown sections which feature vocals of him leaving a voicemail on someones phone, demonstrating why Monét Ngo’s attention to detail song structure are on point.

The lead single “Bleachers”, is potentially Monét’s strongest work to date, with crunchy guitar riffs forming the foundation for his layered, nu-school indie electronica stylings.

The project finishes with his most successful track to date, “Ruby Sparks” which has picked up over 1,2 million streams on Spotify, including playlist support from Spotify’s “Modern Psychedelia”, “Fresh Finds” and “All New Indie”.The ingenious arrangement and song structure throughout After School Club takes you on a journey from start to finish. 

“The After school club is a mixed bag, it’s essentially an accumulation of experiences and lessons I’ve learned, into a collection of music. After a long day of work, there’s so much baggage to unload and your life to live. But here you are, stuck at the « After School Club ». It’s a place to let it all out. All your emotions, good or bad it’s there. The After school club could be anything you make it. It’s a lesson, a second home, and most of all it’s a place where we are not alone. “ – Monet Ngo

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