Iñigo Pascual

Pop heartthrob Iñigo Pascual gave the local press an idea about how it was to work on the set of “Monarch,” his upcoming musical drama series on Fox TV.

During an interview in Quezon City on Friday, Sept. 2, Iñigo said that being part of a Hollywood production is different from filming in the Philippines, and the VIP treatment he received on “Monarch” touched him deeply as it was more than what he expected.

Iñigo recalled that he was looking for the restroom on his first day of shooting for the series in September of last year, and he was surprised when the crew told him, “Why don’t you just use the one in your trailer?”

“So hinanap ko yung trailer, tapos nakasulat dun Iñigo. Isang buong trailer. Sabi ko hala may trailer ako. Sarili kong trailer. Pasok ako, umiyak ako. May TV, may couch, may banyo, may microwave. Sabi ko sa Philippines, monoblock lang ang upuan pag di ka nagdala ng taping chair. Grabe yung experience at alaga ng production,” he revealed.

The different specialists hired to deal with various aspects of filming were also part of Iñigo’s experience. He had a dialect coach, so he can speak with a Texan’s accent for his role as Ace Grayson in the Fox series.

For his intimate scene with his onscreen girlfriend Ana Phoenix (played by Emma Milani), an intimacy coach was also on hand to assess what they were comfortable with. And for a scene where he was going to have a seizure, there was a choreographer who taught him how to fall to the ground properly, so he will not hurt himself. Aside from all these, Iñigo also had guitar and voice lessons.

The young singer and actor bared that he formed a close bond with his co-stars on the set, notably Emma and the English actress Anna Friel, who played his mom onscreen.

Naturally, Iñigo was asked how it was working alongside award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, who plays the matriarch in “Monarch.”

Iñigo said Susan did not have an ounce of a diva attitude in her. In fact, she held the cake for his surprise birthday party last year.

“She’s so nice. Every conversation I had with Susan is definitely something I will remember because they were all full of wisdom. She’s so caring and generous sa lahat-lahat,” he added.

Iñigo, who will celebrate his 25th birthday on Sept. 14, shared that he wishes for a second season for “Monarch” which will have its US premiere on Sept. 11.

“My life goal is to have more projects in Hollywood at sana magawa ko ang pangarap ko na magkaroon ng Grammy and to be able to share my music in the States,” he noted. He pointed out that ‘Monarch’ as a musical drama series will release its own soundtrack (like the famed musical GLEE) and he will have his own contribution there.

For now, the young star said, “it’s nice to be able to do a project where I can stand for who I am and represent the Philippines.”

He observed that Filipinos as an ethnic group are now widely-known in the US, even in Atlanta, Georgia where he stayed to shoot Monarch for eight months. He credits this to the influence of artists like Jo Koy, Bruno Mars, Olivia Rodrigo and the others.

“Korean entertainment has already done its crossover. I feel like now is our time, we can finally cross over what we have in the Philippines and bring it to the world stage,” Iñigo proudly stated.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/09/03/why-inigo-pascual-cried-on-the-set-of-monarch/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=why-inigo-pascual-cried-on-the-set-of-monarch)