The band 46 Hope St. has now released eight digital singles since debuting in January 2021. 

It takes a lot to be able to steadily record and release original songs in these turbulent times. But that is what 46 Hope St. has been doing since they debuted early last year, when the world was still grappling from the shock of 2020.

Nearly two years of recording activity, even under the dark cloud of a 21st century pandemic, produced eight strong singles, including the latest dropped in digital stores today, for this trio of musicians who sounded they’re a band on a mission from the get-go. Each single is a character on its own.

The new single “Sumamo” possesses the musical approach that reflects 46 Hope St.’s artistry, best described as aggressive and unadulterated. If this song is the climax of an eight-track album packaged for the young listeners of today, it definitely does not disappoint.

“Sumamo is a song that talks about the strength of love overcoming any logic and reason,” said frontman Meds Rana, who also wrote the song.

Coming from an acoustic single “Sabi Mo” that only featured Meds, “Sumamo” is the band’s quick return to form, banking on a strong rhythm section from which everything arises. The combination of Ryan Gonzales (Bass) and Aaron Paul Dolleton (Drums) allows Meds to do his thing on vocals and electric guitar.

The pop rock love song “Sumamo” is released and published by Widescope Entertainment Corporation, with the band collaborating with the company’s entertainment director Neil Gregorio in producing the track. The guiding hand of celebrity A&R coordinator Ebe Dancel proved valuable in crafting the record, while the overseeing strength of Executive Producer Vic de Vera is unquestionably necessary. It’s a group effort that goes beyond the band, and yet it allows creative freedom.

Artwork to 46 Hope St.’s latest single ‘Sumamo’ released by Widescope Entertainment.

The words, sincere and striking, give heart to the sound, like in these climactic lines, “Ang puso ko’y sayo lang magsusumamo/ Pansinin ang aking pag-ibig na walang patid/ Kung wala ka sa akin saan ako pupulutin/ Dinggin ang hiling.”

46 Hope St. will perform their single today live at 123 Block on Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City, with the group serving as Ebe’s special guest for his EP vinyl launch. The show starts at 8 PM.

Mixing engineer Dante Tanedo must have enjoyed treating the material provided him from two studios: Crow’s Next in Paranaque, and Katha Music Studio in New York. Yes, “the city that never sleeps” may have helped in keeping the band awake and creative. It shows on record the first-rate quality of a track anchored on raw power coming from a troika of young men born and bred in Southern Manila.

46 Hope St. has proven it can touch a variety of genres while retaining its identity as a musical engine carried on by “raw lyrics set against a backdrop of keyboard, guitar, bass and drums.” This band as stated in its artist description on Spotify “dishes self-empowerment and unadulterated emotion with every song that they create.”

The group’s earlier singles are “Parisukat Sa Bilog,” “Bituin,” “Bago Matulog,” “Palaisipan,” “Di Na Magpapauto,” and “Live Like Never Before.” The pacing of their release dates shows an artist ensuring that their listeners are steadily fed with exciting music, and with much hope and harmony.

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