Pinoy rap is strong as ever. And you know it’s in good standing with acts like the Tu$ Brother$.

Rizal-based rap duo Al Tus and Rudyrude, a.k.a. Tu$ Brother$ have established quite the rep and following for their multi-faceted rap style. On their latest single, titled “CBR,” the duo showcases their mastery of groove and mood-inducing beats. “CBR” is short for ‘cannot be reached,’ and is about wanting to be rid and away from bad-vibed people who drag you down with their negativity. A lot can relate to that for sure, but it’s in Tu$ Brother$’ delivery that really gets us. Their knack for ear-tweaking, idiosyncratic arrangements is on full display on this head-bobbing and trippy track.

Pop music act Silas samples his versatility on his latest single titled “One Night Stand.” After two energetic releases, Silas cools it down a notch with a moody song. Swirling sounds and grooves are the order of the day for Silas in this tune about adoration and the what-nots that happen to cross Silas’ mind. It’s a song best listened to when winding down after a long day’s work and numbed after dealing with emotional stuff.

Singer-songwriter Earl Generao delights with a new song titled “Ako Ang Iyong Lagi.”  Earl explains that the theme of this mid-tempo alt-pop power ballad is about love – about its “constant, no if’s and but’s, only absolutes” nature. “Love doesn’t expect reciprocation,” added Earl, adding that “Ako Ang Iyong Lagi” focuses on love as having no requirements, exceptions and is unconditional. “Ako Ang Iyong Lagi” is written by Earl Generao, produced by Wendell Garcia and mixed and mastered by Hazel Pascua.

Moody and easy are the vibes that Zo zo wants to put across on his latest single titled “Ulan.” In this lo-fi flavored song, Zo zo captures the feel of spacing-out in his lyrics laden with imagery about rain, tears, floods and tides that are a metaphor for the trials that everybody eventually goes through in life.

Ppop Generation is all sparkly and fierce on their latest single “Prinsesa.” Originally recorded by the Pop Girls, “Prinsesa” is an electro update on this Curseboxx arranged, Civ Fontanilla-produced bop. The current Ppop Gen is the sturdiest version yet of this all-girl group. Originally 45 members and now whittled down to a tight eight, Ppop Generation has withstood shuffling lineups and even the pandemic to finally arrive at their most solid configuration yet. The fact that they are still together after much tweaking is already an accomplishment. And they’re all in game-faces with “Prinsesa” and it’s just the start.

The acoustic strains that can be heard on alt-folk flavored track “Dalita” by singer-songwriter Nicole Abuda is a song that everybody should check out. Relaxingly moody and melancholic in feel, it’s nevertheless delightful to listen to. Nicole Abuda’s easy and dulcet tones soften the blow and make listening to her a soothing experience. Did we already mention that she should be listened to by everyone who likes Pinoy pop?  

Alternative pop rock band Garage Morning returns with a surging and equally rocking new song in “Talk About.” According to the band, said song is a “love letter to their influences from early aughts.” For sure, alternative rock sounds abound. But for its theme, “Talk About” spotlights modern-day relationships and “having that special one to share conversations with when you truly need one.”

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