Clockwise from the top: Sarah Geronimo, ATASKA, Kushin, Adda Cstr, Kyle Raphael, and Chelsea Ronquillo

The Popstar Royalty recently went disco.

Trust Sarah Geronimo for ear-tweaking dance numbers and that’s exactly what she offers on her recently released single “Dati Dati.” This grooving bop is club ready and equally head bobbing as echoes of late 70’s disco can be heard through it. Is this the new direction SG is heading towards sonically? We’re getting mixed reactions as she did drop that ballad “The Gift” recently too. But if these are the sonic spectrum ends that she’s currently got her head in, then it’s safe to assume that she’s going to go between pop and club for her next release. We can only speculate as to what that middle ground would sound like. But that’s the exciting part when it comes to Sarah Geronimo. But yeah, more of these danceable tunes please, SG.

Young music act ATASKA is all grown up. The former The Voice Kids singer is now a vivacious lady and returns with new music and sound that fits her in the mid-tempo ballad “Marupok.” This alt-pop leaning song is about those who exude an air of being “pa-fall” and the hapless ones that easily cave in for their charms. In this case, ATASKA was at the receiving end of it, and couldn’t help but fall for her crush, hence, “Marupok.” Moody and vibe-y is a sound that fits ATASKA.

Kushin of HOOD 047 flies solo on “PLANO.” He’s literally a man with a plan as he enumerates a virtual list of people to stay clear of as he executes his grand strategy. It’s all about raising his game in everything he does, and he delivers on this thumpin’ mid-tempo rap that’s also dark and moody sounding. Flowing with Kushin are Rowmee G of Soulstice and rap music act Lanzeta.

Kyle Raphael is one of our favorite songsmiths and gives a new reason why he’s one of the most important music artists from the South in “Kung Wala Na Ako.” He’s got this natty sounding pop love song that’s exquisitely sung and arranged. The waltz-like time contributes to the lilting quality, but more importantly, it proves what kind of music artist Kyle Raphael is: the type that’s always on the brink of making it big.  

Adda Cstr makes a statement on this rap-pop fusion track titled “Sinungaling.” She throws in a mish-mash of emotions and angst in this moody-themed rap song. But those listening won’t catch it right away with the bouncy rhythms that open and drive this track. A crafty piece of bop from Adda Cstr indeed.

OC Records pop and rock music act Chrstn (Christine Kate Taguibao) is a dulcet toned singer behind the gorgeous sounding new single titled “Paano Ba? (Umibig).” According to the singer, the song is about “wondering if your heart will learn to continue to love after getting hurt.”  She adds that it’s like “forgetting how to love because the person who made you feel it the most has taken all the love you could ever give.” Stings for sure, but if Chrstn can always sound this good singing about heartache, then there’s the silver lining. As for the alt-pop backing band, OC Records got it dialed to perfect and flowing.

Singer-songwriter Chelsea Ronquillo lays down a melodic and lovely new tune titled “Para Sa’Kin.” Chelsea mentions that she was inspired by Adie’s “Paraluman.” Said song turned on something in Chelsea and the writer in Chelsea immediately put pen to paper and wrote her own lovely acoustic pop-flavored song. For a song about things left unsaid, this tune speaks volumes in a simple yet profound way.

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