Data has it that one is more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash. But for some people, the fear is still so real. Anxiety just creeps in for some first-time flyers before boarding the plane. Take that flight with more courage with these 10 tips from commercial plane pilot Mann Ed Demalata.

Tips to conquer your fear of flying:

  1. Avoid caffeine and salty food before flight. Caffeine and salty food can cause and increase in blood pressure. This can make you more anxious and nervous. Instead, go for calming drinks like chamomile tea to sooth your nerves.
  2. Distract yourself with devices. Bring a laptop or tablet where you can play a film or series. Go for something light to keep you calm. You can also set up a music playlist with feel-good tunes to set you on a good mood.
  3. Fly with friends or family. There’s nothing more comforting than being in the company of your loved ones. Transform all the waiting periods and long lines into quality bonding moments with people who matter.
  4. Choose your seats. Opt for aisle seats to avoid the window view if you’re afraid of heights. Aisle seats will also give you more space to move around or easily reach for the lavatory when the need for it arises.
  5. Talk to your pilots or cabin crew. Strike up a conversation with the flight crew. Hours of flying and years of in-flight experience make them credible to reassure you and vouch for the safety of flights.
  6. Try to get some sleep. Bring your eye mask. You can also ask your doctor for some medicine to help you doze off. It would be great to sleep off your worries and just wake up at your destination!
  7. Ward off negative thoughts. Pay attention to your triggers. Catch yourself when you’re thinking about accidents or crashes. Find comfort in the fact that statistically, flying is safer than driving automobiles.
  8. Pray and meditate. No matter what your form of faith is, it often helps to tap into your spiritual side for strength and comfort.
  9. Embrace turbulence. Think of turbulence as driving on rough roads or strong waves on boat rides. It may seem uncomfortable but it is perfectly safe and normal!
  10. Visualize your destination! Focus on your destination and not just the journey. Imagine how picturesque the location and relaxing your vacation will be. Imagine feeling the bliss of arrival.

Mann said his prayers have always worked for the past 10 years. “Before every flight, I really pray for my safety and my passengers safety,” he happily shared.

Mann started his pilot journey more than a decade ago. In July 2010, he started his pilot training at Masters Flying School in Pasay City and Alpha Aviation in Clark Pampanga. He finished flight school in just a year and a half in 2011.

In 2012, Mann was hired and became a co-pilot. Four years after, at the age of 28, he received a promotion and became one of the country’s youngest captains.

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