Fourteen years in the Philippine music industry is no easy feat, for a lot of things can happen in such a span of time. For Jensen Gomez, however, he spent these years honing his craft-from performing on his own, in a band of his namesake, to composing and scoring music for films-he’s done it all and more.

Last year, the singer-songwriter teased us with three EPs, “Phases” volumes 1, 2, 3, and In Fragments, respectively. These showcased his musicianship, and sparked speculations about a full album.

Fast-forward to today, his anticipated album under label Off The Record, “Phases: In Full” is out now everywhere.

The record took three years to complete, and is composed of 27 tracks. Far from the usual album we get from a Filipino artist, “Phases: In Full” can get overwhelming, but don’t fret. Going through the album, it emulates the typical radio listening experience- a catchy program introduction, interviews in between songs, ads, and an icebreaker in the form of a children’s song.

Tracks from his previous EPs are also making a comeback on the album, including a reimagined version of his famed track “Gemini Soul.” Now titled as “GemSoul,” features critically acclaimed producer and rapper NINNO and Memphiis.

Staying true to the album name, each song of “Phases: In Full” talks about his life-from childhood, to growing up as a musician, the tough times he’s gone through in the scene, and how he finds hope amidst struggle.

Now that the full album is out, what’s next for the singer-songwriter? Maybe a tour around the country? More projects for the film industry? No one really knows-only Jensen can tell us, in true creative fashion, what phase he’ll enter next.

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