City pop is definitely making a comeback. Today’s generation of artists have started to come up with their own interpretation of the genre, and as labels and music enthusiasts also continue to upload then-unknown songs on digital music platforms, now is the best time for Leanne & Naara to explore the highly stylized Japanese pop genre.

Leanne & Naara need no introduction. Their trademark style—both musical and sartorial—is as iconic as it gets. With the duo’s flair for genre-elevating, their latest release “Unan” have struck the perfect balance between a slow jam and an electro-pop track, the usual flavorful combination that Leanne and Naara are most known for.

Smoothed over with silky synths and playful beats, the city pop vibe of “Unan” instantly resonates with its listener, making the duo’s first Tagalog single almost like a timeless piece. It features hopeful lyrics delectably paired with retro melodies and an ’80s inspired artwork that completes the nostalgic feel. “This is a song about wanting to be beside someone you love and how much greater it’d feel it weren’t just a pillow,” as the song description perfectly puts it. “Pairing an upbeat groove with smooth vocal melodies, this city-pop inspired track will surely make you feel the warmth of longing and asking for someone to give you a chance.”

With its hooks and mellow disco layers, “Unan” feels like it’s made for long drives and wine nights. Just like how city pop was meant to sound decades back. Ever the creators, Leanne & Naara continue to share unforgettable music that pull in younger listeners and bring a healthy dose of nostalgia to the older fans.

Leanne and Naara’s first Tagalog single “Unan” released under Warner Music Philippines is now available digitally on music platforms.

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