Aivan Mendoza performing at The Voice Kids France season 8 (Facebook)

After winning at the Swiss Voice Tour back in February, 12-year-old Aivan Mendoza never believed in stepping on the finale for the Voice France.

Marking his name as the first Filipino contestant to enter the singing competition, it was a rollercoaster ride for him to enter and compete with other singers.

“I would say the journey was incredible. During my blind audition, I was already very happy getting four chairs to turn, including one coach blocking another. All the kids were very talented, so I was not expecting to get very far,” he said.

Performing the song, “Tu t’en iras” by the Quebec artist La Zarra, during the finale. Aivan was praised by the audience receiving applause and cheers across the arena.

Despite not making the final stage of the competition, Aivan is still thankful for the experience that the show gave him.

“The fact of having reached the final is already a victory. I admit that I was hoping to make it to the superfinal, but I’m very happy for Raynaud. He richly deserves to have won “The Voice Kids,” Aivan added.

Aivan released his first single “Future Now” recorded at the Abbey Road Studios in London, under Legend Music productions.

“For me, Future Now talks about the concerns of the youth today and how alone they could feel (from mental health, and social issues to environmental problems). It has three versions, radio mix very danceable, hip-hop and chill acoustic,” he also said.

Aivan also looks forward to collaborating with other Pinoy singers in the future. (Carissa Alcantara)

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