Ice Seguerra (right) and Liza Dino (Facebook)

 True love has found a home between Ice Seguerra and Liza Dino.

 You can tell it for yourself the way they look into each other’s eyes, the way one makes sacrifices for the other, the way symbiosis comes alive, not just as a word, but as a fact of daily life, when you observe them at work, at leisure, up close and personal.

 In a recent post-concert posting on social media, Ice seemed close to renewing his marital vows as he heaped praise on Liza, who had been the brains and the mastermind behind Becoming Ice, his 35th anniversary concert held Oct. 15 at Solaire. 

 Ice recalled that early this year, when Liza suggested that he should do an anniversary concert, he was hesitant.

“I didn’t want the stress of it all,

Pero, buti na lang, nakinig ako.”


In the same post, Ice credited and thanked Liza profusely for everything that she did to mount the event.

“Last night’s concert wouldn’t be the way it was if it weren’t for her. Becoming Ice was her brainchild. From the title, to how it should be presented.”

It was Liza’s idea to do a hybrid of a documentary/live show, free flowing from childhood to the present, and how it seamlessly transitioned from one chapter to the next. 

“Siya rin ang nagpasayaw sa akin, nagpaiyak at nagpabirit sa akin. She wanted people to see what I can do, things I don’t normally perform during gigs.

 “In short, sobrang chinallenge niya ako at gusto niya akong hingalin nang todo-todo. Hahaha!”

 Liza also got the sponsors, talked to talent coordinators, the press, sold tickets.

 She was in charge of overall concept and creative direction, producer, runner, cashier, every single thing in-between …all rolled into one. 

 In normal production, these tasks are spread out to many different people.  

 “On top of all that, nagawa pa niyang magluto ng hipon, tsaka adobo, para sa aming lahat, bago humarap sa mga tao sa box office. Hanggang ngayon, hindi ko pa rin alam kung paano niya nagagawa yung mga yun.”

Ice said they had less than two months to prepare for the concert. There was even a time she was having second thoughts.

But, Liza was there to comfort him. 

“With someone like her on top of things, nothing is impossible.” 


Ice wrote: Thank you, love, for seeing something in me and for believing that I can do so much more. Being with you not only helped me elevate my artistry but you also made me understand the importance of collaboration and respecting other people’s work.

“Thank you for also putting structure to my chaos. For understanding the thoughts I cannot articulate and hearing the words I cannot even say. 

“Thank you for being my inspiration, my biggest critic, and my number 1 fan. I cannot thank you enough for doing all these and more.” 


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