Elha Nympha (YouTube)

Young star Elha Nympha couldn’t help but react to “mema” comments on her YouTube cover of “Wonderful Tonight.”

Elha wrote: “Sa mga nagsasabing mas maganda yung… or ang pangit ng cover na to edi sana pina billboard niyo gawa kayo ng sariling niyo cover na mag sasatisfy ng expectations niyo di ko kayo need i please, im doing may own thing and wala akong pake sa inyo except for my TRUE FANS. Libre naman maging mema at nega pero wag sa channel ko pero thank u padin daming views and im gaining because of u all hehehehhehez thank u all.”


She then released a disclaimer of the cover song.

“Thank u so much sa mga nag request ng song na to! I posted this song cover for my fans and just to remind u guys this is a song cover not a competition,” she said. “I want everything to be simple, raw and LIVE. I’m not really a fan of reverb instead i put compressor to my mic so that it’ll sound more natural. And for those who were asking why i didn’t use a condenser mic is because my mic SKM 6000 has a condenser mic capsule already hahahah. So yeah what a good start thank y’all for watching see u next weeeeek.”

Meanwhile, Elha didn’t stop there.

She vented her frustration on Twitter. “Nakakabwisit lang ung mga memang comment sa youtube ko, feeling pro grabe edi sana kayo na nag organize ng setup ko? Kayo nag mix and master At kayo nalang din kumanta? Hays.”

According to her, such naysayers are one of the reasons why she doesn’t like to vlog or post anything on her YouTube Channel. “Nakaka walang gana if they only know the effort and sweat na binigay ko para dito.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/11/01/elha-nympha-on-criticisms-of-her-youtube-cover-nakakabwisit-lang-ung-mga-memang-comment/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=elha-nympha-on-criticisms-of-her-youtube-cover-nakakabwisit-lang-ung-mga-memang-comment)