Jace Roque ‘Back to the Beginning’ single art

Top PPop Soloist and Showbiz Royalty Jace Roque is on a roll. His previous single ‘Trust’ became his fourth consecutive single to reach 1 million views on Facebook. He is also one of the nominees for ‘People’s Voice Favorite Male Artist’ in the upcoming 35th Awit Awards which will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater on Nov. 23.

Fresh from his success, Jace shares his fourth and last single off of his upcoming mini album, ‘Inferno’. ‘Back to the Beginning’ is about his struggles growing up and the difficulty of constantly meeting the demands of his loved ones. In spite of the tropical pop and future bass elements of the song, it talks about the pain and chaos of not meeting the expectations of the people around him.

“Although the song has an optimistic vibe and outlook, the lyrics have a sadder and more painful meaning behind them. Duality is very important with my tracks. There always has to be a balance between light and dark,” he said.

His upcoming mini album ‘Inferno’, which is dropping this December, includes songs that continue to share Jace’s journey in love, family, and career. His songs usually convey a relatable lesson, and ‘Back to the Beginning’ is no different. “With this new single, I want the listeners to realize that it’s not a crime to pursue what you really want and deviate from what your parents have laid out for you. Doing so doesn’t make you bad, rebellious, or ungrateful.” 

He also emphasized on the idea of following your dreams. “You have to take ownership of your life and follow your heart and aspirations. Living a life that’s not your own only leads to misery. Not having the liberty to choose will slowly eat you up, until you don’t even know who you are anymore.” 

It’s been two years since Jace last had live promotions, and this year, he was able to get back on stage doing media rounds which started with promoting his previous hit single ‘Trust’. “Visiting and walking around ABS-CBN when I appeared for PIE Channel really felt like homecoming. Stepping inside the radio booth at 97.9 Home Radio felt like home. Those are the experiences I’ve missed so much and really longed for.” 

With health restrictions loosening up, Jace is hoping to go on TV and radio tours again to promote his songs. In addition to that, there are on-going discussions when it comes to acting gigs, but his supporters will have to wait a little longer before anything is finalized. For now, he is focused on creating music that resonates with his audience. “The mini album ‘Inferno’, will feature updated versions of the four singles I released this year. The tracks will have minor improvements and have a few technical tweaks.”

Looking Forward to 2023 

The year 2023 looks promising with Jace already preparing for his debut full length album ‘Paradiso’. “The album is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s literary work, Divine Comedy. That’s all I can say for now, but I hope my fans will strongly support the entire ‘Inferno’ project just as much as they did for all my singles.” 

About Jace Roque:

Singer-songwriter Jace Roque comes from a showbiz clan. He inherited his musical ability from OPM stars Gino Padilla and Luke Mejares. Iconic Action Kontrabida Boy Roque is Jace’s uncle. He also studied acting and went on to do commercials, films, and TV shows. In 2017, Jace was cast in the award-winning movie Across the Crescent Moon, and he has since earned a string of hit singles and millions of views.

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