Sam Milby and Beautederm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan

Actor-singer Sam Milby has opened up about his relationship with former Miss Universe Catriona Gray saying she’s the one for him.

“I do believe so. I say I believe so because I wouldn’t be in this relationship if she’s not the one. I really do,” confessed Sam when asked if Catriona is the right girl for him, during the launch of his latest endorsement for Beautederm held at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City recently. Beautederm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche Tan welcomed Sam during the grand event.

Asked if he’s ready to propose to Cat, Sam said: “Hintay lang kayo and you will be surprised. Basta abangan n’yo po. I’m not getting any younger either. I’m turning 39 next year.”

Sam Milby

“Noon may nagtatanong sa akin ano na ba ang ideal age mo para magpakasal. I would always say 35. I’m 38 now. When it comes to marriage and taking the next step, I feel that some people are pressured sa edad. And I think you shouldn’t be. I know it’s kinda rough for me to say that as a guy but I think if you think it’s not the right time, don’t push it. Cat and I are happy and abangan n’yo po. Yun lang,” Sam added.

Sam also said that he’ll be spending the holidays with Catriona in Australia.

Currently, Sam stars in the popular series “A Family Affair” where he plays the role of Dave. He admitted being focused on acting. But the Filipino-American artist said that he wanted to re-activate his musical career.

“My first love is music. Kasi minsan pag nasa taping, medyo stressed ako, I actually have my guitar with me. Medyo stress-reliever ang music. So that’s still my core, that’s still my passion. With acting, I’ve grown to love it also. But it depends on the role I’m playing. Right now, I would say na naka-focus ako sa acting. Medyo nakalimutan ko na ang musical side ko but I want to bring it back. Si Cat is musically inclined and she can also play the guitar a bit. I could do another collab with her so I do wanna get that side back,” Sam also said.

Rhea Anicoche-Tan

On how he fighting stress, Sam answered: “Prayer. That will be my first. Sometimes I had issues dealing with stress but when you get older, you choose your battles, what stresses you out. Honestly in social media, there are things that cause you stress.”

Beautéderm Corporation continues to advocate excellent health and premium wellness as it formally launched a new set of health essential products with Sam as brand ambassador.

Collectively packaged as Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets, the new line under Reiko and Kenzen consists of three brand new products that are developed and manufactured in Japan – all of which are FDA Compliant and are expertly formulated to bolster the body’s overall health and well-being with the objective of being deliberately handy as each product could be easily dissolved in water and could be taken anytime and anywhere for that extra boost of energy and revitalization that the body needs every day.

“I am honored and grateful now that I am finally a part of Beautéderm’s amazing family,” says Sam.
“Through the years, I learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because of the challenging lifestyle that I have as an actor which could affect the wellbeing of both my mind and body. I need to ensure that I am always in the best physical condition through regular exercise and the right diet coupled with the right amount of sleep. Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets are the perfect partner for me to further guaranteed that my body stays healthy and fully charged all the time.”

Anicoche-Tan on the other hand welcomed Sam with open arms as she revealed that he is undoubtedly the best choice to represent the newest products under Beautéderm Health Boosters.

“The line-up of Beautéderm’s A-list brand ambassadors could never be complete without Sam. I have
always admired his body of work and I am very pleased to discover that he is so fun and easy to work with,” gushed Rhea. “Sam’s lifestyle should be emulated because of his discipline and professionalism. He lives a balanced and healthy life which makes him the perfect artist to represent Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets.”

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